Wonderful me. In-Shower Face Pack


One of the bestselling product of MakeP:rem; The IN-SHOWER FACE PACK makes the skin look clear and bright by tidying up tired skin texture and providing the necessary moisture with ingredients such as Cloudberry, which has the effect of brightening skin tone, and Birch Sap with excellent moisturizing effect. This amazing face pack will surely improve the moisture, complexion and skin texture of the skin.


Cloudberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Birch Sap, caffeine, Iceland glacier water, Hyaluronic acid


  • Has highly concentrated ingredients such as three kinds of berries and Hyaluronic Acid that provide revitalizing moisture to skin.
  • Improves skin condition with functions of soothing + moisture + texture + whitening + elasticity by charging tired skin with refreshing red energy.
  • The moisture gel base makes 5 times more moisture adhere to skin than general gel base with its appropriate adherence to skin during shower.
  • Cloudberry: Lowers the generation of melanin with wild berries growing in Northern Europe & has excellent skin tone improvement effect with abundant Vitamin C.
  • Blackberry: Provides nourishment to skin; regenerates skin with “fermentation + blackberry complex” specially formulated for anti-aging care; improves moisture and skin wrinkles; strengthens immunity; has anti-inflammation effects and helps heal injuries.
  • Blueberry: Prevents the aging of cells, improves radiance, and protects the tender skin layer by strengthening skin barrier.


  • Apply generous amount of Wonderful me In-Shower face pack and continue to shower. Thanks to its excellent adherence to skin, the product does not run down while shampooing hair & taking a shower, Steam and heat allows hyaluronic acid to more easily penetrate into skin.