Konjac Sponge


The new tool is in town which is made of natural ingredients. It promises more radiant skin — just from washing your face. Introducing the konjac sponge, a gentle cleansing exfoliator made from the konjac root, a porous root vegetable that grows in Asia. The Konjac by the bellus comes from the land of the rising sun i.e Japan and are 100% natural, handmade and biodegradable. It helps in giving you a radiant glow and are extremely gentle on the skin.


  • White Konjac – Konjac mannan powder, water, Calcium Hydroxide.
  • Cherry Blossom Konjac – Konjac mannan powder, Cherry leaf extract, Pink Clay, Water, Calcium Hydroxide.
  • Charcoal Konjac – Konjac mannan powder, Charcoal powder, Water, Calcium Hydroxide.
  • Green Tea Konjac – Konjac manna powder, Green Tea powder, Green Clay, Water, Calcium Hydroxide.


  • White Konjac – Fine plant fibers gently cleanse away dirt. Recommended for individuals with sensitive skin or atopy.
  • Cherry Blossom Konjac – It is a konjac puff with cherry leaf essence. Leaves from the Yoshino cherry tree are used to repair roughness, combat inflammation, and whiten skin.
  • Charcoal Konjac – The jet black puff is created by adding bincho-charcoal to a konjac puff. The absorptive action of the charcoal powder draws dirt and excess sebum out of pores, keeping skin clean.
  • Green Tea Konjac – The delicately scented green tea puff is made by adding powdered green tea to a konjac puff. Green tea has a sterilizing effect, and it also facilitates beautiful white skin by combating inflammation from acne and pimples and preventing spots.


  • Soak in warm water, wait till the sponge expands and squeeze excess water.
  • Rub the sponge on the face in upward circular motions. It is a mild exfoliator so do not scrub vigorously.
  • After use, rinse the sponge, press the sponge between your palms to remove water.
  • Store in a well-ventilated area to dry. You may also keep the sponge in the sealed container in fridge.